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🌸✨ Purple Beauty in Full Bloom ✨🌸

Caught these gorgeous purple blossoms adding a splash of color to the lush green forest. Nature's artwork at its finest! 💜🌿 #NaturePhotography #SpringVibes #FlowerMagic #ınstanature
Thanks bro for this @maxrur
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মানুষ ভজলে সোনার মানুষ হবি।

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Canon EOS M50
The attractive Blue-throated Barbet is a common inhabitant of lowland and hill forests from the Himalayas eastward through mainland Southeast Asia.Its rapid, monotonous call is uttered almost constantly and is one of the most common bird sounds in these landscapes, even if the bird itself is unseen.
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Blue-throated barbet
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Blue-throated barbet
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